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Time Well Spent

I have really enjoyed the conversations on this podcast. It has given me insight on improving productivity and attitude to get the results I want and need to achieve. It is time well spent listening to this great podcast.

A new way of creating & living an ideal life

I love the re-framing of life, its not about owning “stuff”. Its the pursuit of creating a life that we really want. Matthew is a good interviewer and brings out vulnerable stuff like ego, passion, epic challenges and all with great candor. Having it All is worth listening to.

Review great to listen to in car

Matthew this is the most awesome podcast I have ever heard!!!

Real perspectives on life

I respect that the host, Matthew Bivens, isn’t a church leader or famous author trying to plug exclusively for his own ideas: he’s a passionate, smart individual who is curating a podcast on the best lifestyles for feeling content and being successful. Bivens welcomes in many perspectives, and his guests may actually say completely different things at times; that’s okay, because the dissonance actually helps listeners see things closer to how they really are. If you already explore philosophy, self-help, or motivational ideas, you’ll enjoy this podcast.

Matthew is the real deal.

I love seeing shows like this come onto the scene. Matthew is such a fantastically genuine person who really gets to know his guests. He does such a great job asking the right questions and clearly understands what makes a great interview. Grateful to be invited to the show and can't wait to hear from all the other amazing guests.

Insightful & real

Matthew delves into important topics and issues that we can all relate to. He's extremely easy to listen to. Each podcast features a different guest who offers honest life experiences and insight to what he/she has learned throughout the journey. I think this podcast is perfect for those of us searching to learn more about ourselves and working toward a fulfilled life. Definitely recommend it!

An Empowering Perspective

Having it A.L.L. is a fresh new perspective on creating abundant health, wealth and peace! Matthew’s keen sense of connection to purposeful living creates a cozy atmosphere with every successful entrepreneur he interviews. The result is insightful responses that go beyond the surface or superficial. The show is awesome! It inspires the listener to not only believe in their best life, but introduces the tools needed to attract it!

In the chamber with Sandy Chambers

Matthew Bivens is insightful and leads compelling conversations. He has a gift for engaging others, bringing to light their uniqueness and creating a space for authentic expression. Looking forward to hearing more powerful conversations!

Fantastic Podcast. Remarkable Interviewer.

Matthew is a compelling podcast interviewer, who paints a beautiful landscape of authenticity, on which his guests open up and reveal the multi-dimensional aspects of themselves. I love that Matthew creates and holds a space for his guests to discuss what having it all means to them and to discuss their epic challenges in life. Elegant touch.

wisdom we wish we’d have known

Matthew is a guy who genuinely lives according to his own internal (generously altruistic) compass. He’s living the wisdom we wish we’d have known when we were younger. Great interviewer, connecting with great people.

Insightful. Down to earth. The real-ness.

When I listen to "Having it A.L.L." I find myself engaging in the dialogue with Matthew and his guests - because it's so real and relatable and resonates deeply with anyone who's been challenged in work, relationships, success, and all the rest that comes on the path of self-discovery. I love that this show takes the concept of "having it all" and puts human flesh and blood to the idea - with personal accounts and nuggets of wisdom to take with you on your own journey. I highly recommend!

Excellent. Love shows like this

There are a lot of podcasts that talk about abundance and the like so I thought this would be another me-too show, it's not. This podcast hits on the essentials of what you need to actually DO to have the life you want (not just wish it into existence). It covers the gamut, I'm digging it. Already walked away with some excellent DO-ables.