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The best

Love this podcast! It’s definitely made me think and not only want to be better but actually put action into it! It sticks with you!

Life Changing!

I can’t begin to express how grateful I am that I found this podcast. I recently took a risk a career risk and it didn’t turnout the way I expected. For weeks I felt down and I do have my days where I’m sad. But finding this podcast really has made a difference with me, my thoughts and everything around me. Thank you for everything Matthew :)

Life Inspiration that Transcends Age

WOW. I cannot state enough how amazing this podcast is. I first found Matthew’s podcast in April by chance and I am so grateful for that. I am a 18 and a freshman at Vanderbilt University and this podcast has made my transition into adulthood so meaningful and intentional. If you want real change in your life listen to what Matthew has to say and internalize it. Matthew’s wisdom has provided me with a mindset shift from life happening to me to me creating the A.L.L. I want. No matter who you are, your age, or gender, Matthew has a gift of being to connect with everyone wherever they are at.


Such a wonderful podcast. I just stumbled upon it tonight and can’t stop listening. So many good messages. I feel so uplifted! Thank you so much!

Thankful Matthew Found his Calling!

I found this podcast a few months ago, and while I subscribe to a few others, Matthew’s Having it A.L.L. is my go-to for inspiration and encouragement, with real-life, east to reflect on and implement strategies to guide me as I choose to live what he calls, an “Abundant, Loving, Life!” He has a gift- so thankful he has chosen to share his voice through a real, honest, transparent, vulnerable approach that translates to powerful, creative, insightful messages that will resonate with anyone seeking to grow, evolve, and have it A.L.L.! Make time for this.

Amazing value here!

Just listened to my first entire Having It All podcast, and I am inspired! I’m also impressed and I’m grateful. The episode was the one dealing with a confidence and self worth breakdown. I found Matt to speak directly and honestly. There was zero hype and yet it was practically speaking really helpful. The dude is inCISive. And smart, too, but not all ego-driven and irritating, as some hosts can be. I’ll be heading back for more. Thanks very much, Matt. You are the MAN.

Changed my life

My mindset, views, and understanding of situations have changed in the best way because of listening to this podcast! I have introduced my girlfriend to it and we are listening together and talking. This has made a difference in my life in such a small amount of time I can’t wait to see where I go from here!

Listener Love

Matthew, I love you and all that you do. You’re such an inspirational role model for young men. I really enjoy how you show vulnerability and I love your voice. This podcast is practical and your advice is so useful. Your so relatable and I look forward to my Tuesday’s. Love, Jordan Payton Indiana

Real spill

This guy is where it’s at! I’m only 10 episodes in and this podcast has already changed my life. Definitely looking forward to learning, healing and growing. Thanks, Matt!

Love every episode!

Matthew I wish I would have listened to your podcast sooner. I absolutely love your energy, I love all the bits on your show; you are so empowering! It would be so amazing to meet you and experience your energy in person. Great job with the podcast, you are on to great things!

Life changing

This podcast has truly made such an incredible impact on my life. I discovered it on my own as I was searching for personal growth podcasts. You have taught me so much about my own potential and strength within. Thank you! I now walk thru life with such a drastically different perspective than I once had and it feels so amazing❤️

Matthew Bivens my new mentor.

I feel extremely grateful to have come across this podcast. I downloaded the podcast app exactly a week ago and all I’ve been doing is listening to your podcast. I love the magic you give at the start of every episode. Is truly inspiring. And thanks to you I have learned to slow down and become more aware of my intentions in everything I do throughout the day. I signed up for the October trust challenge to make deposits everyday! I’m highly looking forward to it. Thank you so much! Keep doing what you do because you rock at it!!!

Wonderful podcast!

Just discovered this podcast yesterday. Has given me alot to think about. Such great information.

peace and success

I’m about to change almost my whole mindset this fall

Love your podcasts!

I found out about this podcast a couple of weeks ago and I truly enjoy it. On each episode that I have listened so far, I have taken with me one message that have changed or have made me question my thoughts about it. Well done and keep moving forward!

Wow!! Just wow!

Great to listen to! Motivating, and mentally helpful. Very true and down to earth. Can’t say enough good about this podcast.

Fantastic show!

Thanks Matthew!

Self-discovery & Self application

Just wanted to say I love your show. I like how your focus is on sharing information and suggestive and not telling people what to do. This allows us to see how it applies to us and where to apply to our lives (if that)

Thank you

I love what you do. I am glad I stumbled upon your podcast. You give some really good incite, easy listen and I learn something new from each episode. Keep up the good work.

Casual Talk

Matt, you have a great podcast. It’s easy to listen to, very informative and allows one to become self aware of junk in their lives. I often listen on my ride to/from work. I loved your last podcast. I often struggle with feedback especially when it comes from people who I know that I have best interests and trust. I have to remember to get out of my head. #ConversationsOverCoffee

Glad I found It

I appreciate Matthew transparency and openness

Love the realism

What makes this podcast stand out is that it isn’t preachy. The host talks about his own weaknesses honestly and discusses how he is working to improve them. The things he recommends are practical and achievable !

Two Words - Life changing

Dug yourself in a hole in life? This podcast will give you the mindset to start digging around yourself instead of digging straight down. Helps to really take a moment to look at who you are now and reminds you m who you want to be. Im not the podcast type of person never have. But on the first episode of this one i was hooked, mainly because of the situation i was in. But im extremely grateful and thankful for running into it. Has made me realize my beliefs, thoughts, and standards were not where i know i had set them at one point in my life. Listening to this podcast will inspire and help you to act upon the necessary steps to create and build your abundant and fulfilling life!

Fav podcast

I’m so in love with this podcast! Never found anything as relatable as this one!

Great Podcast

I love this podcast. Matt is so relatable and I love his personal stories. I take something from each podcast and I appreciate the content and the topics he chooses to speak on. Good job!

Thinking of starting a podcast

I don’t have a review as of yet but this is the first young man that I’ve listen to them regards to starting my own podcast and I love the way he starts off it’s a little long but I do love it and I’m looking at you as inspiration I was told that I should listen to three different park has owners find certain things that I like and corporative pension I’m looking at you as inspiration my love keep up the good work I applaud you should probably collapse once I create mine and I love you to life


I love listening to Matthew's wise words. It seems that whenever I listen to "Having it all", it applies to my life and I can learn a new perspective- allowing more balance for me. He is relatable and real. Keep it up Matthew you are doing good in this world!

I absolutely love this podcast...

I’ve been listening to this podcast for about 5 months. I started from the first one and listened to mostly all of them. I absolutely love this podcast! I don’t have anymore episodes to listen to and I’m sad lol. I’ve learned so much and I can relate to almost all of the shows. I feel like I know Matthew and I appreciate his transparency, it takes guts to tell the world who you are. Because of this show, I’m doing my reps! Thanks!!

Keep doing what you’re doing

Matt, keep doing what you’re doing. I recently came across your pod cast and I like the messages as I am going through a transformation at age 48. I definitely want to have it A.L.L. Good job and will email you soon.

Reaching High

You have it together. Glad I 'happened' upon your 'cast. May the blessings of the universe maintain you.