Having It ALL

A staple in bettering yourself!!

I’m not sure how I stumbled across this podcast but I’m SO glad I did. I listen to a few other motivational podcasts daily but this one is by far my favorite and I always tend to listen to first. Some times I look at the titles for the having it A.L.L podcasts and think oh this won’t pertain to me.. but it ALWAYS does!! There is always something to learn and take away from each podcast.

I have learned the root causes of so much of my anxiety/depression and why I was feeling certain ways- and just a better outlook on my life. It’s not 100% all the time, but I’m making progress! Even close friends have commented on how my thinking has changed for the good!! It’s truly been a journey to get to this point but it’s an incredible feeling and something I never truly thought I could say with confidence. I know without this podcast I would not be where I am mentally right now. Keep it up, Matthew!!! You’re doing amazing things!!

April 9, 2019 by Laura H - on Apple Podcasts

Having It ALL