Having It ALL

Well done, Matthew!

I took a minute to listen to your podcast that included our conversation from a few weeks ago (April 2019). What I love about your style, Matthew, is your ability to convey any message with such conviction and courage. I love the gentle, yet authoritative way that you give the listener the tools, and I find this to be one of your many gifts and talents. It's no wonder you are one of the top self-help podcasters on iTunes. Yes, You are! And I am sure you have given up many-a-story to remind yourself of that. I am glad to also serve as one of your reminders.
Cheers to you, my dear friend, for being so undeniably powerful. I am truly inspired.
Chanda Leigh
C.Lei Boss Lady

June 11, 2019 by C.Lei Boss Lady on Apple Podcasts

Having It ALL