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Great podcast

Hi Matthew, I’ve been listening to your show for some years now and your show is nothing but amazing. You’ve help me in more ways than none in my life. So I wanna thank you!

Matthew is magic! Listen to be inspired.

Matthew has been an influential and constant voice in my life for almost three years now! Listening to his podcast each week is like catching up with an old friend, one that has you asking all the right questions. Matthew’s voice is authentic and raw - sharing his own breakdowns and breakthroughs that leave you feeling both connected and inspired. The content is clear, easily digestible, and action-oriented. This may be the motivational fix you’re looking for on here. Definitely give it a shot! This podcast has meant everything to me and came to me when I needed it most. Thank you, Matthew! 💛

Ep 356

I always fall off and return to this podcast and every time I return you speak to my soul 😅 this episode resonated so deeply because I’ve been struggling to allow myself to be fully expressed for a whileee now. Something click in me a few months ago and I’ve been making changes but the 6 Fs are not being fulfilled in my life . So I’m going to start taking it step by step using the framework and I’m looking forward to the blueprint program ! Not even sure how old this episode is and where you are with the blueprint program but I’m going to stick around and keep an eye out. Love you and your family Matthew ! Sending love and blessings y’all way !

Pep Talks

Just listened to the “what you need to have in common with your partner” episode and loved the conversation. Made me think a little more.

Give it a shot

I have been a subscriber to Having it All for about three years I believe. I really enjoy Matthew and his approach. I’m not a big rah rah guy, I just like getting open, thoughtful suggestions that I can process and try if I want to. Matthew is smart, informed, open, and funny. I’ve reached out to him personally and he is responsive to questions and helpful in his responses. I would highly recommend giving it a shot if you want to just think through and examine a few things in your life. My favorite episode, and I believe indicative of Matthew’s approach, is the last one of 2019, if you want to try one out.

Excellent, informative, inspiring

Excellent podcast! Matthew packs every episode with tons of amazing content, guests, and interviews that will motivate, uplift and inspire you. I highly recommend!

An Amazing POSITIVE Influence in this life.

After listening to Matthew for over 2 years, I am here to share what a positive impact it has had on my life. Being a business owner who is likely 20 years senior to the host, hearing his weekly messages of Living with intention has cultivated in me the ability to bring my very best to my business and all my relationships. In a time when we are flooded with negative media it is essential to allow in a voice of positivity - you have found it here.

Love this podcast

Motivating, inspiring and real. I suggest this podcast if you are looking to become a better version of yourself.

A Great Podcast!

You know that feeling you have when you discover something new and you enjoy it so much that you can’t imagine being without it? Then, you should subscribe to this podcast. Trust me when I say that Matthew and his content will get you all the way right. Matthew gently encourages self-examination and offers a myriad of suggestions for improving our experiences, our perceptions of ourselves, and the way we move in and relate to the world. Not only will you understand yourself better, you will recognize the characteristics of people you know and interact with whether it’s friends, family members, intimate partners, co-workers, or a chance encounter with someone you may never see again. Matthew’s content is not about judgment, he simply and lovingly suggests ways to inspire love, compassion, reverence, and understanding of ourselves and others. He fuels the desire to grow into the most powerful and informed “you” that you can be. Matthew isn’t a “know it all.” He’s relatable because he shares his own struggles and experiences that put him on the path of personal evolution with the rest of us. He not only shares his content with his audience, he’s actually living it. Matthew adores his wife and daughter and mentions them often. So, tune in. And, if you think that what you hear doesn’t apply to you, keep listening. I guarantee you’ll hear something that resonates with you so profoundly, you will anxiously anticipate every episode.

Awesome Podcast!!!

Matthew, host of the Having It ALL: Conversations about living an Abundant Loving Life podcast, highlight all aspects of alernative health, wellness and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!

Love the Vulnerability

Your episode on August 29th was exactly what people need to hear! Good on you to share that even experts have vulnerable and low moments. It makes you human and so relatable. Makes people realize that struggles are part of EVERYONE’s life.

Good show

This was an upbeat, meaningful show that I liked a lot. I can’t wait to hear more episodes

Well done, Matthew!

I took a minute to listen to your podcast that included our conversation from a few weeks ago (April 2019). What I love about your style, Matthew, is your ability to convey any message with such conviction and courage. I love the gentle, yet authoritative way that you give the listener the tools, and I find this to be one of your many gifts and talents. It's no wonder you are one of the top self-help podcasters on iTunes. Yes, You are! And I am sure you have given up many-a-story to remind yourself of that. I am glad to also serve as one of your reminders. Cheers to you, my dear friend, for being so undeniably powerful. I am truly inspired. Love, Chanda Leigh AKA C.Lei Boss Lady

A staple in bettering yourself!!

I’m not sure how I stumbled across this podcast but I’m SO glad I did. I listen to a few other motivational podcasts daily but this one is by far my favorite and I always tend to listen to first. Some times I look at the titles for the having it A.L.L podcasts and think oh this won’t pertain to me.. but it ALWAYS does!! There is always something to learn and take away from each podcast. I have learned the root causes of so much of my anxiety/depression and why I was feeling certain ways- and just a better outlook on my life. It’s not 100% all the time, but I’m making progress! Even close friends have commented on how my thinking has changed for the good!! It’s truly been a journey to get to this point but it’s an incredible feeling and something I never truly thought I could say with confidence. I know without this podcast I would not be where I am mentally right now. Keep it up, Matthew!!! You’re doing amazing things!!

Inspirational podcast!

I started listening to the Having it A.L.L podcast a few months ago during my commute. Having had recently moved away from NYC, I was having so many crazy emotions about change and this podcast really helped me gain some perspective and resonated with me on a bunch of different levels. My only suggestion would be to have more podcasts ;). Thank you Matthew for sharing your light and magic with the world! Appreciate you!


I la la la love this podcast and the Bivens Familia! Since my introduction to the playground, i have developed magical friendships and learned so much about myself. I have seen a growth in my maturity and have increased self care. Thank you all for being so amazing and loving.

Stop avoiding breakdowns

I heard Ice cube say: “a setback is a setup for a comeback” love it thanks for reminding us that we really don’t know what’s good or bad.

Thank you

I stumbled upon your podcasts in January. Your podcast regarding the word of year really helped me to kick off my year and get focus!! I recently listened to two of your podcasts...Trust and let go AND Purpose, vision, and passion. Both podcasts have been very helpful in maneuvering me out of a slump that I’ve been in. Thank you again and continue to do what you are doing!!!

Honestly relatable

So relatable. An eye opener when I sometime step in my own way. Positive vibes to get me the through work and out of my head

I’m new, but...

I’m totally new to the world of podcasts but I just listened to the “You are what you believe” episode and I’m obsessed! It’s simple to understand and encouraging, not overwhelming! I’m also in much need of self-motivation and self-belief so this spoke volumes to me! Y’all need to give a listen! Keep it up!!!

My favorite podcast.

I’ve learned so much from listening to Matthew. It’s so inspiring, and so motivating. Totally my favorite podcast to listen to. I listen to it every chance I get. I enjoy it so much! Totally recommended, more people needs to tune in!

New Listener

I’m new to this world but they say better late than never! Your podcast was one of the first I came across and I am very impressed by the content of your podcasts! Thank you for your inspiration and knowledge! I will continue to listen and be inspired! Keep up all your great work and full filling YOUR purpose!

How is this free?

The fact that this podcast is completely free to listen too boggles me! There’s so more correlation to my personal problems and your advice and I just want to thank you. Definitely my favorite podcast for 2019. I appreciate it and please keep doing what you’re doing.

Started my journey of self healing

I started listening to this podcast because I found myself in a bit of a rut about 4 or 5 months ago. The title intrigued me, but the episode “sexual healing” did too. My fiancé and I struggle with sexual intimacy because of my past and this episode definitely helped us open up to see how things COULD be if we are just patient and loving with ourselves and each other. Thank you to you and Sarah. This show has become a part of my regular morning routine now. It’s so uplifting that I can’t help but start my day off right.

Loving accountability

I learned of Matt’s podcast when he was a guest on TOB with Paul. The two seemed to jive, so I decided to check out Having it ALL. I enjoy listening to this podcast because Matt’s pretty real and authentic to the point that it kind of feels like you’re just hanging out with a friend talking through some stuff. I’ve reached out to him personally, appreciated his response, and will continue to listen as I cruise on this journey. Thankfully I’ve learned what that journey is all about and am appreciative :)

Changed my life

I was going down the rabbit hole of depression, I wanted something to inspire me and get me back mentally stable and positive. I saw this podcast went through the episodes and listened to how to stop self sabotaging. Every episode I been listening to has been life changing, what you’re doing is incredible! You uplift people’s point of view from within, spiritually and mentally. Thank you.


1+1=100 Thank you for building a community. My higher self thanks you!

Thank you

Listening to this podcast sets the mood for the week for myself. I can’t help but be positive and put my best foot forward. Thea is Matthew Bivens and keep doing what you are doing.

Just Wow

Hey Matthew Bivens My name is Kayla Thomas I am currently a sophomore in college. I'm truly inspired but what you put out. You're podcast have helped me in a tremendous way. A little over a year ago I lost my mom to breast cancer and following that my best friend since like fourth grade and I went our separate ways then my boyfriend of two years had broken up with me. I was a mess not handling any of it well placed the blame all on myself and thought I was the problem and maybe I was but your podcast have helped my accept life as it is and to let the last be the past I can't change what happened but I accepted it and i'm learning to move on. It has been rough but your podcast has made it a few steps easier. So I just wanted to thank you for sharing with the world.

Magic is amazing!

I just want to be part of it!!! The magic you are creating is unbelievable!!! I have been listening to your podcasts for about a 2 weeks now, and just let me tell you how amazing they are!!!! You hit on some points that maybe I didn’t want to bring up to myself before... but now these podcasts have helped me face them and walk over them instead of those things walking over me and having control of me. Your podcasts are so refreshing and so REAL, I love it!!!! Keep doing what you’re doing!!! 👍🏽 you inspire so many people!!

The best

Love this podcast! It’s definitely made me think and not only want to be better but actually put action into it! It sticks with you!

Life Changing!

I can’t begin to express how grateful I am that I found this podcast. I recently took a risk a career risk and it didn’t turnout the way I expected. For weeks I felt down and I do have my days where I’m sad. But finding this podcast really has made a difference with me, my thoughts and everything around me. Thank you for everything Matthew :)

Life Inspiration that Transcends Age

WOW. I cannot state enough how amazing this podcast is. I first found Matthew’s podcast in April by chance and I am so grateful for that. I am a 18 and a freshman at Vanderbilt University and this podcast has made my transition into adulthood so meaningful and intentional. If you want real change in your life listen to what Matthew has to say and internalize it. Matthew’s wisdom has provided me with a mindset shift from life happening to me to me creating the A.L.L. I want. No matter who you are, your age, or gender, Matthew has a gift of being to connect with everyone wherever they are at.


Such a wonderful podcast. I just stumbled upon it tonight and can’t stop listening. So many good messages. I feel so uplifted! Thank you so much!

Thankful Matthew Found his Calling!

I found this podcast a few months ago, and while I subscribe to a few others, Matthew’s Having it A.L.L. is my go-to for inspiration and encouragement, with real-life, east to reflect on and implement strategies to guide me as I choose to live what he calls, an “Abundant, Loving, Life!” He has a gift- so thankful he has chosen to share his voice through a real, honest, transparent, vulnerable approach that translates to powerful, creative, insightful messages that will resonate with anyone seeking to grow, evolve, and have it A.L.L.! Make time for this.

Amazing value here!

Just listened to my first entire Having It All podcast, and I am inspired! I’m also impressed and I’m grateful. The episode was the one dealing with a confidence and self worth breakdown. I found Matt to speak directly and honestly. There was zero hype and yet it was practically speaking really helpful. The dude is inCISive. And smart, too, but not all ego-driven and irritating, as some hosts can be. I’ll be heading back for more. Thanks very much, Matt. You are the MAN.

Changed my life

My mindset, views, and understanding of situations have changed in the best way because of listening to this podcast! I have introduced my girlfriend to it and we are listening together and talking. This has made a difference in my life in such a small amount of time I can’t wait to see where I go from here!

Listener Love

Matthew, I love you and all that you do. You’re such an inspirational role model for young men. I really enjoy how you show vulnerability and I love your voice. This podcast is practical and your advice is so useful. Your so relatable and I look forward to my Tuesday’s. Love, Jordan Payton Indiana

Real spill

This guy is where it’s at! I’m only 10 episodes in and this podcast has already changed my life. Definitely looking forward to learning, healing and growing. Thanks, Matt!

Love every episode!

Matthew I wish I would have listened to your podcast sooner. I absolutely love your energy, I love all the bits on your show; you are so empowering! It would be so amazing to meet you and experience your energy in person. Great job with the podcast, you are on to great things!

Life changing

This podcast has truly made such an incredible impact on my life. I discovered it on my own as I was searching for personal growth podcasts. You have taught me so much about my own potential and strength within. Thank you! I now walk thru life with such a drastically different perspective than I once had and it feels so amazing❤️

Matthew Bivens my new mentor.

I feel extremely grateful to have come across this podcast. I downloaded the podcast app exactly a week ago and all I’ve been doing is listening to your podcast. I love the magic you give at the start of every episode. Is truly inspiring. And thanks to you I have learned to slow down and become more aware of my intentions in everything I do throughout the day. I signed up for the October trust challenge to make deposits everyday! I’m highly looking forward to it. Thank you so much! Keep doing what you do because you rock at it!!!

Wonderful podcast!

Just discovered this podcast yesterday. Has given me alot to think about. Such great information.

peace and success

I’m about to change almost my whole mindset this fall

Love your podcasts!

I found out about this podcast a couple of weeks ago and I truly enjoy it. On each episode that I have listened so far, I have taken with me one message that have changed or have made me question my thoughts about it. Well done and keep moving forward!

Wow!! Just wow!

Great to listen to! Motivating, and mentally helpful. Very true and down to earth. Can’t say enough good about this podcast.

Fantastic show!

Thanks Matthew!

Self-discovery & Self application

Just wanted to say I love your show. I like how your focus is on sharing information and suggestive and not telling people what to do. This allows us to see how it applies to us and where to apply to our lives (if that)

Thank you

I love what you do. I am glad I stumbled upon your podcast. You give some really good incite, easy listen and I learn something new from each episode. Keep up the good work.

Casual Talk

Matt, you have a great podcast. It’s easy to listen to, very informative and allows one to become self aware of junk in their lives. I often listen on my ride to/from work. I loved your last podcast. I often struggle with feedback especially when it comes from people who I know that I have best interests and trust. I have to remember to get out of my head. #ConversationsOverCoffee

Glad I found It

I appreciate Matthew transparency and openness

Love the realism

What makes this podcast stand out is that it isn’t preachy. The host talks about his own weaknesses honestly and discusses how he is working to improve them. The things he recommends are practical and achievable !

Two Words - Life changing

Dug yourself in a hole in life? This podcast will give you the mindset to start digging around yourself instead of digging straight down. Helps to really take a moment to look at who you are now and reminds you m who you want to be. Im not the podcast type of person never have. But on the first episode of this one i was hooked, mainly because of the situation i was in. But im extremely grateful and thankful for running into it. Has made me realize my beliefs, thoughts, and standards were not where i know i had set them at one point in my life. Listening to this podcast will inspire and help you to act upon the necessary steps to create and build your abundant and fulfilling life!

Fav podcast

I’m so in love with this podcast! Never found anything as relatable as this one!

Great Podcast

I love this podcast. Matt is so relatable and I love his personal stories. I take something from each podcast and I appreciate the content and the topics he chooses to speak on. Good job!

Thinking of starting a podcast

I don’t have a review as of yet but this is the first young man that I’ve listen to them regards to starting my own podcast and I love the way he starts off it’s a little long but I do love it and I’m looking at you as inspiration I was told that I should listen to three different park has owners find certain things that I like and corporative pension I’m looking at you as inspiration my love keep up the good work I applaud you should probably collapse once I create mine and I love you to life


I love listening to Matthew's wise words. It seems that whenever I listen to "Having it all", it applies to my life and I can learn a new perspective- allowing more balance for me. He is relatable and real. Keep it up Matthew you are doing good in this world!

I absolutely love this podcast...

I’ve been listening to this podcast for about 5 months. I started from the first one and listened to mostly all of them. I absolutely love this podcast! I don’t have anymore episodes to listen to and I’m sad lol. I’ve learned so much and I can relate to almost all of the shows. I feel like I know Matthew and I appreciate his transparency, it takes guts to tell the world who you are. Because of this show, I’m doing my reps! Thanks!!

Keep doing what you’re doing

Matt, keep doing what you’re doing. I recently came across your pod cast and I like the messages as I am going through a transformation at age 48. I definitely want to have it A.L.L. Good job and will email you soon.

Reaching High

You have it together. Glad I 'happened' upon your 'cast. May the blessings of the universe maintain you.

Just right.

I really enjoy listening to Matt’s podcast. His optimism is infectious; instead of making me roll my eyes in disgust, it inspires me to take a little for myself and pay it forward. As a matter of fact, as a result of the episode I listened to today, I’ve decided to do at least three acts of giving per day, at the beginning of my day (I’ll work up to taking the first hour lol). This is one of those acts. Keep going!!

Recent Listener

I’m a recent listener of this podcast, and while i listen to many different podcasts on the skills one must develop in order to have a meaningful, purpose-driven life, This particular podcast is by far the best. Matthew’s honest, transparent approach to theories and behaviors allow you to learn, heal and reboot your thoughts and patterns without judgment. I eternally thankful I’ve found this community and Matthew’s sound approach to Having It A.L.L.

The best

Deep meaningful information.

Awesome Podcast

Enjoyed this podcast immensely! Reached out to Matt for advice and he was insightful, truthful and compassionate. Having it A.L.L. Is one of the best self-help podcast out there. Stay Awesome Matt.


I absolutely adore Matthew and this podcast! While attempting to navigate and figure out what podcasts are all about I stumbled up on his and it’s been phenomenal. I love listening to it as I’m driving on my long commute or having a episode playing throughout the day! Thank you! It’s been my boost I needed greatly!

5 stars

Such an uplifting podcast!

11:55 pm

It’s 11 pm I just finished listening to your podcast in the mist of having an anxiety attack/mental overload and this podcast helped get through it and calm my nerves about my immediate future a little bit. As someone struggling with depression this helped me question myself and begin to look into myself and try to find out what’s going on and why I’m not chasing my goals anymore. So for that I thank you I’ve downloaded this podcasts and I can assure you I will be listening to more of your content. You have a lot of wisdom to offer and I just want to soak it all in.

Fresh & Honest

Love this podcast. Matthew approaches his topics and guests with curiosity and honesty. In the self-development space, he comes through as a fresh voice backed up by true life experience. He makes mistakes, has days when he isn't his best self, and yet doesn't hesitate to share those moments with listeners so we all can learn from them. There's a generosity and compassion here I haven't found elsewhere.

So authentic and positive

Listening to Having It A.L.L. is like talking to a close friend. Matthew is such a wonderful human and host. I love listening to new episodes in the morning over a cup of coffee for some me time.

Always a Great Listen

Having It ALL is the only podcast I listen to on a weekly basis. Each episode is filled with honest, relatable content, and I can always take away something helpful for my self growth. I'm extremely thankful to have come across this, I needed the extra boost of guidance in my routine. Matthew is such a kind person, he welcomes listeners to email him questions, and mine was answered within a few days! My communication with him has lead me to a discovery that will help me in continuing to create the life of my dreams. Thank you Matthew! You rock, keep em coming!

Excellent Podcast!

Matthew is an amazing host who provides deep and introspective advice. This show is highly transparent and you're going to have a wonderful experience learning from Matthew as he shares some oustanding advice. Highly recommended!

Hands down My fav podcast

I make a conscious, scheduled effort to listen to growth, success and spiritual podcasts every day. This one is the most vulnerable, honest, heartfelt one there is. Thank you thank you thank you. Kellie Everson @ Breaking Brave.

Thank you

This is the perfect podcast for REAL LIFE advice and words of wisdom. Nothing too fluff, REAL SPILL. Thank you Matt.

New Listener

I just started listening to this podcast a few weeks ago and I'm in love. The conversations that occur in these podcast are helping me learn more about myself and the things that are going in my life right now. I'm still trying to get caught up on all of the episodes but so far my favorite episode is "The 5'Ws of Radical Self Awareness". Thanks Matthew for providing this platform!

Enjoy hearing a familiar voice

I enjoy listening to this podcast. While I don't know him from anywhere or anything, his voice is familiar because it is like mine. Not in how he sounds, but in how he thinks, what he needs, his willpower, his social status, age, etc. If you are a 20-30ish young male, or female for that for matter, who wants motivation and love filled inspiration, give this guy a few chances. He is well spoken and well thought out and most are of very good sound quality.

New listener - impressed!

Great stuff Matthew. I just downloaded a few podcasts 2 days ago and I am back for more! I like the your " brutial honesty " and look forward to many more hours of listening in! Thanks Matt!

Great Podcast!

Matthew is a great host and his guests are super insightful. Great conversations full of tips and ways to improve your life and live big

Great podcast!

Having it All is such a great podcast, it really puts things into perspective. I highly recommend listening to it. I'm looking forward to more episodes!

Raw, real and inspiring podcast!

I'm a huge fan of this podcast. Matthew's interviews are powerful and his guests are always so transparent, inspiring and willing to reveal their personal struggles and triumphs. Matthew is an exceptional interviewer and has a way to pull such raw and real stories out of his guests. And the solo episodes are fantastic as well, Matthew has great insights on how to live an extraordinary life. I recommend this podcast to anyone interested in self help, personal development, and the like, but who are looking for something that's real and down to earth.

Great podcast

Matthew's messages are clear, concise and encouraging. The conversations are easy to follow and there are some follow up things you can do to make necessary changes in your life.

Great guests, great message!

Matthew is as authentic as you can get...if you are looking for solutions to improving your life and work (and the balance between the two), you've come to the right place. Highly recommend!

Awesome new show!

Sit back & enjoy the ride. Great job Matthew! Love the diversity of topics & guests you've got on your show. Can't wait to hear more episodes soon.

Excellent, inspiring, great

Great podcast. Truly inspiring and thought provoking. His podcast makes you think and inspires you to grow. Makes you question things. Enjoyable to listen to and engaging. Great podcast!

Great podcast

Matt is passionate about the podcast and the content shows this passion. Very informative and gives me motivation to reflect on my own life and ways to improve. I look forward to more in the future!

Inspirational and real

Matthew delivers a solid podcast that leaves you with the inspiration to achieve more in life. Each interview is insightful and you leave with very tangible items to implement in your life, helping you to achieve "Having it A.L.L" in your life.

All-around excellent!

I'm feeling very inspired after listening to this podcast. This podcast offers great insight due to Matthew's amazing skills as an interviewer. I am looking forward to the next interview!

Gets Past The BS and Gets Real

Matthew is a phenomenal interviewer. What I like about this podcast is that it doesn't waste time talking about surface BS. Matthew gets right into real conversations with his guests and looks at the sometimes ugly and scary stories of their past to uncover the gold nuggets that have helped these people find true balance and happiness in all areas of their lives. Can't wait for more episodes so I can binge:)

Get inspired!

I like this podcast since I get to listen to interesting people share how they are finding ways to make life more meaningful for themselves and others. Very positive and uplifting.

Light Years Ahead of the Rest

Matthew possesses a rare gift amongst so many podcasters in the space of self improvemet. His level of transparency goes way beyond his sharing, his authenticity and his compassion. Matthew is willing to be measured personally and professional and post it for the world to see - check out is Rep Report on his website. This level of empathy, understanding and love permeates the undertones of everyone of Matthew's posdcast creating the space and trust for his guest to have deep intimate conversations that lead to real time insights and jewels of wisdom to live by. If you believe that you have it all or are interested in having it all, subscirbe, tune in and be prepared for a pradigm shift.

Refreshing and Inspiring

The content of this website is refreshing and inspiring to listen to. Many people struggle with finding the ability to have it all in a balanced and abundant way, this podcast shows you how you can do it! The stories and intimate conversations of the people Matthew interviews really connect with me. I love his podcast and have recommended it to many friends and family members!

Time Well Spent

I have really enjoyed the conversations on this podcast. It has given me insight on improving productivity and attitude to get the results I want and need to achieve. It is time well spent listening to this great podcast.

A new way of creating & living an ideal life

I love the re-framing of life, its not about owning “stuff”. Its the pursuit of creating a life that we really want. Matthew is a good interviewer and brings out vulnerable stuff like ego, passion, epic challenges and all with great candor. Having it All is worth listening to.

Review great to listen to in car

Matthew this is the most awesome podcast I have ever heard!!!

Real perspectives on life

I respect that the host, Matthew Bivens, isn’t a church leader or famous author trying to plug exclusively for his own ideas: he’s a passionate, smart individual who is curating a podcast on the best lifestyles for feeling content and being successful. Bivens welcomes in many perspectives, and his guests may actually say completely different things at times; that’s okay, because the dissonance actually helps listeners see things closer to how they really are. If you already explore philosophy, self-help, or motivational ideas, you’ll enjoy this podcast.

Matthew is the real deal.

I love seeing shows like this come onto the scene. Matthew is such a fantastically genuine person who really gets to know his guests. He does such a great job asking the right questions and clearly understands what makes a great interview. Grateful to be invited to the show and can't wait to hear from all the other amazing guests.

Insightful & real

Matthew delves into important topics and issues that we can all relate to. He's extremely easy to listen to. Each podcast features a different guest who offers honest life experiences and insight to what he/she has learned throughout the journey. I think this podcast is perfect for those of us searching to learn more about ourselves and working toward a fulfilled life. Definitely recommend it!

An Empowering Perspective

Having it A.L.L. is a fresh new perspective on creating abundant health, wealth and peace! Matthew’s keen sense of connection to purposeful living creates a cozy atmosphere with every successful entrepreneur he interviews. The result is insightful responses that go beyond the surface or superficial. The show is awesome! It inspires the listener to not only believe in their best life, but introduces the tools needed to attract it!

In the chamber with Sandy Chambers

Matthew Bivens is insightful and leads compelling conversations. He has a gift for engaging others, bringing to light their uniqueness and creating a space for authentic expression. Looking forward to hearing more powerful conversations!

Fantastic Podcast. Remarkable Interviewer.

Matthew is a compelling podcast interviewer, who paints a beautiful landscape of authenticity, on which his guests open up and reveal the multi-dimensional aspects of themselves. I love that Matthew creates and holds a space for his guests to discuss what having it all means to them and to discuss their epic challenges in life. Elegant touch.

wisdom we wish we’d have known

Matthew is a guy who genuinely lives according to his own internal (generously altruistic) compass. He’s living the wisdom we wish we’d have known when we were younger. Great interviewer, connecting with great people.

Insightful. Down to earth. The real-ness.

When I listen to "Having it A.L.L." I find myself engaging in the dialogue with Matthew and his guests - because it's so real and relatable and resonates deeply with anyone who's been challenged in work, relationships, success, and all the rest that comes on the path of self-discovery. I love that this show takes the concept of "having it all" and puts human flesh and blood to the idea - with personal accounts and nuggets of wisdom to take with you on your own journey. I highly recommend!

Excellent. Love shows like this

There are a lot of podcasts that talk about abundance and the like so I thought this would be another me-too show, it's not. This podcast hits on the essentials of what you need to actually DO to have the life you want (not just wish it into existence). It covers the gamut, I'm digging it. Already walked away with some excellent DO-ables.