About the podcast

Having It A.L.L. is a bold, vulnerable and honest weekly show for those courageous enough to believe they can have all the intimacy, health, money, relationships, fun, connection and self love they desire in life! If you believe having it all is possible and that YOU are the only thing separating you from your ideal life, you’re in the right place. In this podcast I share the mindsets, belief systems, personal habits, tools, accountability and support systems that I use daily to design my best life, all so you can go for your greatness and live your full potential! This is not like your typical self help or personal development show. I share my biggest breakdowns and breakthroughs as I travel my path of living an Abundant Loving Life. Ready? Let's do this!


About the host

Photo of Matthew Bivens, podcaster and balance lifestyle coach

Hey I'm Matthew Bivens!

I’m a guy with this wild idea that each and every one of us can HAVE IT ALL. I believe real success is measured in who you become as a person and how you influence yourself, others and life.

We all have a story, and mine is probably not too different from yours. From emotionally beating the hell out of myself daily, to living constantly in a mix of fear and self doubt, to raging jealousy and self judgement — I had become a master at living a fear based life. 

But through some humbling breakdowns and amazing breakthroughs I’ve experienced healing, growth and a recognition that my abundant loving life is right here for me to take!

One of my BHAGs (Big Hairy Audacious Goals) is to transform 1 million lives by elevating their consciousness, optimizing their lifestyle, and upgrading their fitness.

Finally, I'd like to share with you my Personal Mission Statement. It reads:

To play the game of experiencing life each and every day in full Beast Mode, with humility and childlike faith, while being authentic with my voice and choice and being ALL in, as I surrender to a life of principles, love and balance, in order to transform fear to love and scarcity to abundance, as I flow in the conviction of Peace.